Pregnancy test kit : How to Use in 3 simple steps?

Pregnancy test kit

In case you miss your periods and you are in doubt about your pregnancy. Whether you’re trying to conceive or suspect you might be pregnant, taking a pregnancy test can provide crucial answers. In this we will guide you in 3 simple steps to ensure you about your pregnancy and get accurate results with the help of pictures.

Step 1: Prepare Your Pregnancy test Kit

To begin, make sure you have a pregnancy test kit with you. These kits are widely available at most drugstores and come with all the necessary components for the test. Typically, you will find a pregnancy test strip or stick in the package. You may also need a clean, dry container for collecting a urine sample.


Step 2: Choose the Right Time

The timing of the test is crucial for accurate results. In most cases, it’s recommended to take a pregnancy test in the morning when your urine is more concentrated. This usually provides more reliable results. However, if you can’t wait until the morning, make sure you haven’t consumed excessive liquids for at least a few hours before the test to avoid diluting your urine.

Step 3: Collect a Sample and apply it

Collect a urine in a dry and clean container and apply it on the test strip area of a pregnancy test kit for atleast 7-10 seconds as shown in the picture below. Waiting for few seconds will give you best results.

Pregnancy test kit

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Interpreting the Results:

Positive: Two lines, a plus sign, or the word “pregnant” typically indicate a positive result, meaning you are pregnant.

Negative: line, a minus sign, or the word “not pregnant” typically indicate a negative result, meaning you are not pregnant.

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Invalid: Sometimes due to few reasons pregnancy kit shows an invalid result. If there are no lines or symbols or if something appears outside the specified time frame, the test may be invalid, and you should take another one.

Pregnancy test kit Price

The price of pregnancy test kit varies between 50 to 70 rupees per kit depending on the brand.

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Remember that the accuracy of the test can vary depending on the brand and how well you follow the instructions. If you receive a positive result or are unsure about the result, it’s a good idea to confirm with a healthcare provider.


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